I want to share with you about the online HTTP sniffing tool called Web-sniffer.me. This online sniffer is of modern design, allowing you to catch request/response headers and other service info. It stands among other both online and offline HTTP protocol sniffing tools.

Masked User-Agents

A good feature of this sniffer is that it can be masked under various user-agents. The list of them is broad, including IE6-9, Blackberry, IE Mobile 9 and even some bot user-agents:

Additional features

The Sniffer follows redirects. It works with HTTPS/SSL, but, for some sites, it’s banned.

The additional info that the online sniffer provides are localization (target IP and its map locator; it’s not 100% accurate however) and website interaction values, for example:

Download speed : xxx.806 kb/s
Upload speed : xxx kb/s
Name lookup time : x.825 ms
Redirect time : xxx.62 ms
Total time : xxxx.044 ms

Poor bookmarking

The web sniffer bookmarks the inspected URLs (press ‘Latest Sniffed’ button in the top-left corner). However there is no associated search tool to find the URLs of interest from the history. It provides rather a data-time classified list of URLs, where, if a search is needed, users must click through the endless navigation pages ordered by time.


This online HTTP sniffer is a handy tool for making HTTP requests and catching the response info. Its use is limited because of its online nature, but it does serve well to mimic certain browsers, including IE Windows mobile 9 and Android webkit.