Online tools to work with BASE64, MD5, HEX

When we work with different types of data, it’s always good to have a tool-belt to make our labor easier.  In the age of the “cloud,” it would be good to have all these tools online. Here are some online tools that may help you in your work:
Here are some online tools that may help you in your work:

Coder’s Toolbox

Coder’s ToolboxWhat I love about this is that you don’t need to press any “convert” button; it does everything as you type the input data in. This service allows formatting strings for using as XML, URL, BASE64 and ECMAScript, changing their encodings (optionally) to US_ASCII, ISO-8859-1 or UTF8. Also, you can quickly convert any number between DEC, HEX, OCT and BIN bases. It has some other tools like Time conversion, Network, Bandwidth and XPath.

Quick Hash

Quick HashThis service looks like a real hash monster. It allows you to build a hash from the input string with multiple parameters (though I found that not all the algorithms are implemented yet). They claim that they support the following algorithms: MD5 SHA1 MD5-Crypt(3) ($1$) Base64 MD2 MD4 MD5 SHA1 SHA-256 SHA-384 SHA-512 RIPEMD-128 RIPEMD-160 RIPEMD-256 RIPEMD-320 Whirlpool Tiger-128,3 Tiger-160,3 Tiger-192,3 Tiger-128,4 Tiger-160,4 Tiger-192,4 Snefru-128 GOST Hash ALDER-32 CRC32 CRC32 (b) HAVAL 128,3 HAVAL 160,3 HAVAL 192,3 HAVAL 224,3 HAVAL 256,3 HAVAL 128,4 HAVAL 160,4 HAVAL 192,4 HAVAL 224,4 HAVAL 256,4 HAVAL 128,5 HAVAL 160,5 HAVAL 192,5 HAVAL 224,5 HAVAL 256,5 CAST-128 GOST Block Cipher Rijndael-128 (AES) Twofish ARCFour (ARC4) CAST-256 LOKI97 Rijndael-192 (AES-192) SAFER Plus WAKE Cipher blowfish-compat Standard DES Rijndael-256 (AES-256) Serpent XTEA Blowfish Enigma RC2 TripleDES DES Extended DES Blowfish $2y$ WinNT MD4 $3$ MD5 $1$ SHA-256 $5$ SHA-512 $6$ ROT13 (encode/decode) Base64 Encode Base64 Decode UU Encode UU Decode URL Encode URL Decode.

That’s it for now. If you have another favorite online tool please write me here and I’ll add it to the list 😉