Recently I’ve encountered a challenge to make a series of HTTP POST requests with different parameters. This has forced me to look for existing tooling in the marketplace; the features I am looking for are getting POST request,  editing the request and resending it. What I’ve found useful for this is the FireFox browser + dev tools – really quick and usable for this purpose. All other methods are either not full stack (only resend without edit) or require much soft to plug in.

How to enable FireFox + dev. tools (not Firebug)

To enable dev. tools in FF press Ctrl+Shift+I

The Firefox dev. tools even allow to change request type (ex. GET to POST) and resend:

edit resend post request

After clicking Edit and Resend button the following areas are open for your editing:

  • Request type (POST, GET and other)
  • Request URL
  • Request Headers
  • Request Body


Now if you just click Send button, the browser will perform the new request.

CSRF protection limitation

This FF function works very well. The only notice is that e-commerce sites use csrf_token protection to prevent unauthorized POST requests, so this makes the repetitive requests with the same/{former request} csrf_token forbidden by a server.