CyberGhost logoAs you scrape information from websites, it’s often necessary to keep your real IP hidden, quickly change your IP or simply access a website from a country that differs from your own. All these tasks are achieved by means of proxies, mediators between you and the target website. Though there are plenty of companies offering such services on the market today, in this post I’ll introduce you to CyberGhost, an affordable and nice looking proxy.


Does it matter for a proxy to be nice looking? Of course, proxification is a kind of system (or even hacker) thing, and such things usually don’t have to be of a good design. But nowadays, the web has already grown out of its text representation, and I think any web-based product should consider the matter of design and usability. As I looked for a proxy on the web, I was attracted to the modern, bright and simple design of CyberGhost‘s website:

CyberGhost website


Another thing that I liked in CyberGhost is that it really allows you to use it for free if you don’t require much from it. For example, if you temporarily need to cause your web scraper to access a website from a different address, you don’t need to purchase a monthly subscription. Just run it in a free mode! Not many commercial proxy services offer such a freemium¬†marketing model:

CyberGhost prices

Here I’d like to put a tiny fly into the ointment. If you use the free plan, it will show you a nag screen when you connect to a proxy server and you will have to wait 13 sec looking at it. But it seems as if that is the only “hidden payment” you will face. :)


It’s really simple to start using this proxy server. Download the application, create a free account, click a big button and all your traffic goes through a different IP! Their application looks nice as well:

CyberGhost application


I definitely recommend that you try CyberGhost VPN when you need to quickly hide or change your IP address.