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Visual Web Ripper: Using External Input Data Sources

Visual Web Ripper: Using External Input Data SourcesSometimes it is necessary to use external data sources to provide parameters for the scraping process. For example, you have a database with a bunch of ASINs and you need to scrape all product information for each one of them. As far as Visual Web Ripper is concerned, an input data source can be used to provide a list of input values to a data extraction project. more…


The new Scraper Test Drive stage is on, called CAPTCHA. What can the scrapers perform to get through the “robot fighters”? The off-the-shelf scrapers are not designed for CAPTCHA solving by default. Furthermore, some stated that “bypassing Captchas was compatible with Internet good ethics”. I agree with this, but for the full Scraper Test Drive taste, we still want to try out the scrapers. more…

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