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About XPath

About XPathXPath is a formal language that is used to navigate through and query elements and attributes in XML documents. While this notation is being used in XSL and XQuery, it is very useful for DOM data access and extraction. XML documents and also HTML/XHTML documents are objects of DOM parsing while using XPath.


Regex in PHP

If you want to use regular expressions in your PHP program the best way is to use so called preg-functions (they wrap Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions library so sometimes they are called PCRE functions). Of course, there’re some other function sets like ereg and mb_ereg but they are quite outdated and in this article we’ll focus on preg functions only.


Regex in Perl

In this post we summarized some basic features of regex in Perl. We presented basic operators using regex and special regex pattern modifiers. More details are the in following articles… more…

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