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What is Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium WebDriver If you are interested in browser automation or web application testing you may have already heard of Selenium. Since there is a lot of terminology related to this framework, it is easy for you to get lost, especially if you come to Selenium for the first time. In this article I want to save your day by providing a short and clear explanation of what is what in the Selenium project. more…

SQL Dump Splitter

This nice free program saved my day when I had to transfer a big database from one MySql Server to another. If you need to restore a big database using phpMyAdmin you will find it usefull as well.

Debuggex Review: get your Regex to play visual

Debuggex is an online Regex testing tool that allows visualization of Regex match algorithms. The visualization feature is good both for the learners who do some Regex exploration and for the experienced users who might want to track the Regex match forward or back. It is also useful for an instant Regex pattern match by highlighting, thus eliminating the need for pressing any buttons to run Regex patterns. This tool is one of a dozen online Regex testers. more…

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