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Make crawling easy with Real Time Crawler of

logo-oxylabs-ioNowadays, it’s hard to imagine our life without search systems. “If you don’t know something, google it!” –  is one of the most popular maxims in our life. But how many people use Google in an optimal way? A lot of developers use google commands to get needed answers as fast as it possible.

Even this is not enough today! Large and small companies need terabytes of data to make their business profitable. It’s necessary to automate the search process and make it reliable to satisfy the user with fresh news, updates or posts. In today’s article we will consider a very helpful tool – Real-Time Crawler (RTC) for the collection of fresh data. Let’s start! more…

Crawling web pages with Netpeak Spider in conjunction with NetNut and GeoSurf proxies

NetpeakSpider-logo-owlAgreed, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of information – “Master of information, master of situation”. Nowadays, we have everything we need to become a “master of situation”. We have all the needed tools like spiders and parsers that can scrape various data from websites. Today we will consider scraping Amazon with a web spider equipped with proxy services. more…

Creating REST API with Spring

Today we are going to discuss the quite huge and engaging theme – REST API – and make our own web application based on the most popular Java framework – Spring. To start with, we will explain the two main concepts of this article – REST API and Spring. Note, these two concepts are quite complex, and, unfortunately, we can’t fully describe them, but in the article you will find links that will help you cope with moments where you might get stuck. more…

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