Data Mining

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Big Data Basics

big-data-worldPower of Big Data: capabilities and perspectives

As everyone knows, technological development is evolving flash like. At the same time software requirements, approaches and algorithms are growing with equal speed.  In particular, relatively recently, developers have faced the problem of huge data volume processing – making it necessary to create a new, effective approach, a new paradigm of data storage. The solution was not long in coming – in 2011 huge companies all over the world started using the Big Data concept. In this article we will talk about this engaging approach. more…

Easy Data Visualisation with

Data Visualisation with Silk.coThis is a guest post by .

With the rise of social media sharing, collaboration and a increasingly interested market for data, there are more and more people wanting to ‘play with data’ and learn using some basics free tools. So recently I’ve been trying to find a technically advanced and interesting combination of free tools to collect and visualise web data that will allow enthusiasts and students to get those all important initial quick and easy wins. more…

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