Captcha Breaker BoxGSA Captcha Breaker is a CAPTCHA solving software. It uses Optical Character Recognition algorithms for CAPTCHA decoding. Being a standalone program it works independently of any online captcha recognition services (like DeathByCaptcha, BypassCaptcha and etc). This means that once you have paid for the program you don’t need to pay for each recognition anymore, and this allows you to save money when you need to recognize a huge amount of CAPTCHAs.

How Captcha Breaker works

Captcha Breaker listens for requests to captcha recognition services, intercepts them and tries to recognize the CAPTCHA by itself. If it succeeds it returns the answer on the service’s behalf, if not it may pass it to the service for futher recognition.

For example, we need to recognize the following captcha using Visual Web Ripper:


To do this we create a captcha decoding script (within the Visual Web Ripper) that makes requests to DeathByCaptcha service:

Visual Web Ripper Script

Then we start Captcha Breaker and set up its options that it may run as a local webserver and send unrecognized captchas to DeathByCaptcha service for human based recognition:

Captcha Breakers Options Window

Now we can start Visual Web Ripper and see that the captcha is automatically recognized:

Visual Web Ripper Log Window

After switching to the Captcha Breaker window we can see that it intercepted the request, recognized captcha as of “Site Sift” type and successfully recognized it:

Captcha Breaker Window

Customizing the Captcha Solving Algorithms

If the Captcha Breaker didn’t recognise your captcha you can improve its algorithm by using the internal SDK editor:

Captcha Breaker Filter Tab


This allows you not only to customize the captcha recognition algorythms, but also share them with other users participating in the GSA Captcha Breaker community!

Captcha Breaker Info Tab



If you need to recognize a huge amount (more than 100 000) of CAPTCHAs you can save your money with GSA Captcha Breaker because it allows you to solve many (more than 600) captcha types without requesting recognition services. It works seamlessly, intercepting the requests to captcha recognition services, so you don’t need to do any addtitional configuration to start using it.

You can download a 5-day trial and test it for no cost!