In this post we share on json viewers both as online tools and as plugins for browsers and Notepad++ editor. The viewers’ features comparison table is at the bottom of the post.

Online Json Viewer

This is a very convenient online tool for evaluating decoded characters. It also uploads web pictures if the web links are in the text fields, which is a unique parsing feature among other json viewers and parsers. There is, at the same time, a feature to strip the whitespaces and format json variable. However, I was not able to upload the json data from the URL. For those preferring the application, there is an application version of this tool with richer functionality; here to download it.

JSONView, the FireFox plugin

This plugin is perfect for highlighting  json variables in FireFox. It’s able to fold/unfold multiple elements (not the variable structure). The user rating is high 5/5, but, unlike the previous online viewer, JSONView cannot upload images from the intext links to images.

Online Json Parser

This parser on the French top domain is good for folding/unfolding the variable structure. Besides showing structure and json types (see on the image below), it also evaluates json data, indicating how many elements are present. Showing array indexes is another feature.

JSON Editor online

This online tool includes all the features mentioned in the previous tools (structure, counting) except for json types and picture showing. It provides the search functionality though. As an editor it allows changing and saving changes.

JSONView, the Chrome extension

This Chrome extension works perfectly to format json data. It also allows collapsing of the fields.

JsonViewer, the Notepad++ plugin

If you want to view a json variable structure in Notepad++ editor, feel free to install this plugin in the editor. It’s not as rich in features as others, yet it brushes up the json data right in the editor. The data structure of json might be outlined with the next Notepad++ plugin.

JSMin, the Notepad++ plugin

This  Notepad++ editor plugin is good in showing the structure of a json variable on the left side panel without formatting  json data themselves. This plugin also provides some JavaScript code formatting and minimization.

Here we summarize the json viewers in the table:

Format json dataData structure show upArrays indexing or elements countingJson types show upAdditional
Online Json Parser
JSON Editor onlineSaving json and search functionality (as editor)
Online Json ViewerUploads web pictures if web links are in the text fields
JSONView, the FF plugin
JSONView, the Chrome extention
JsonViewer, the Notepadd++ plugin
JSMin, the Notepad++ plugin